Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to pour my new driveway?
The average two-car driveway takes only two days from start to finish.

What are the advantages of a concrete driveway over an asphalt driveway?
Concrete offers a much longer lasting, lower maintenance surface than asphalt. It looks better and provides many decorative options such as colored or stamped concrete.

How long does Sherrick Construction guarantee its work?
We guarantee the concrete surface from flaking and spalling for one year. Cracking cannot be guaranteed due to the variety of soil conditions in Colorado; however, we have developed techniques that minimize shrinkage cracking and we place control joints in the concrete to reduce stress on the concrete.

I have a sprinkler system. How do I avoid sprinkler damage when the work to being done?
To eliminate the possibility of damage we recommend that you flag all sprinkler heads in the construction area.

Will our lawn and shrubs be damaged when Sherrick Construction pours our driveway?
No damage will occur. We are very careful and respectful of personal property. After the forms are removed a planter"s mix is used to fill in the gaps between the new concrete and the lawn. All construction materials are removed. The entire area is cleaned and returned to its original condition.

Does Sherrick Construction use subcontractors?
We have a fulltime crew that is on the job from the start of the project to the completion. This allows us to provide the same quality service to all of our customers.

How long before I can drive on my new driveway?
Seven days after a 6" driveway is poured and up to ten days after a 5" driveway is poured.

How often should I seal my driveway?
Your driveway should be sealed every two to three years depending on the weather. We can do it for you or recommend a professional product and application instructions.

I would like colored concrete? What choices do I have?
Click here to view a color chart.

What can I expect as far as maintenance on a colored driveway?
Lighter colors require less maintenance. We recommend that you reseal the concrete every two years to keep the color bright and consistent.

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